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Suggested Citation: Author(s). “Dataset Title.” Dataset ID, U.S. Department of Energy, Idaho National Laboratory. Bioenergy Feedstock Library. dataset URL.  e.g. (John Doe. “Example Data Set Name.” 1001, U.S. Department of Energy, Idaho National Laboratory. Bioenergy Feedstock Library. Set ID)

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 Data Set IdData Set NameDescriptionAuthor/InstitutionPublic?Citation CountFile CountSample CountWriter CountWritable?
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1002Regional Feedstock Partnership Switchgrass DatasetChemical attribute data available for the Regional Feedstock Partnership switchgrass field study samples.Regional Feedstock Partnership and Idaho National LaboratoryTrue 1 2 373 3 False
1006Image analysis for rapid assessment and quality-based sorting of corn stover datasetExperimental data supporting publication focused on developing a rapid assessment for quality-based sorting of corn stover using image. Ding, L., Hoover, A.N., Emerson, R.M., Lin, K., Gruber, J.N., Donohoe, B.S., Klinger, J.L., Colby, R.D., Thomas, B.J., Smith, W.A., and Ray, A.E.True 1 1 643 3 False
1007Elemental Ash Data - All Biomass Types

This export from the Bioenergy Feedstock Library ( contains instances of select publicly available data for biomass resources with Elemental Analysis data for all samples available regardless of treatment (e.g., chemical altering preprocessing or pretreatment). Instances of treatments are captured in the metadata and using the 'Include in Research Tools' and 'Include in Research Tools Reason' fields in the 'Sample Export' tab.

INL - Bioenergy Feedstock LibraryTrue 1 1 63 1 False
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