grain field

 The Library data and crop collections are developed in partnership of many organizations and research institutions. Each of these contributors (and others not listed) provide a valuable part of the Bioenergy Feedstock Library resources.

Members of the Sungrant Regional Partnership:

University State Contact Email Crop Type
South Dakota State University South Dakota Vance Owens Switchgrass
Oklahoma State University Oklahoma Rodney Farris Switchgrass
Auburn University Alabama David Bransby Switchgrass
Virginia Tech Virginia John Fike Switchgrass
Iowa State University Iowa Emily Heaton Switchgrass
Cornell University New York Donald Viands Switchgrass
Texas A&M University Texas Bill Rooney Sorghum
Iowa State University Iowa Ken Moore Sorghum
University of Kentucky Kentucky Michael Barrett Sorghum
Mississippi State University Mississippi Bisoondat Macoon Sorghum
Mississippi State University Mississippi Brian Baldwin Energycane
University of Georgia Georgia Wayne Hanna Energycane
Louisiana State University Louisiana K Gravois Energycane
Texas A&M University Texas LT Wilson Energycane
Texas A&M University Texas David Baltensperger Energycane
University of Georgia Georgia Joseph Bouton Energycane
Hawaii Pacific University Hawaii Richard Ogoshi Energycane
University of Illinois Illinois Tom Voigt Miscanthus
University of Nebraska - Lincoln Nebraska Roch Gaussion Miscanthus
Purdue University Indiana Zac Reicher Miscanthus
University of Kentucky Kentucky David Williams Miscanthus
Rutgers University New Jersey Stacy Bonos Miscanthus
Virginia Tech Virginia John Fike Miscanthus
North Dakota State University North Dakota DK Lee CRP Biomass
Kansas State University Kansas Keith Harmoney CRP Biomass
University of Georgia Georgia Carl Jordan CRP Biomass
University of Missouri Missouri Rob Kallenbach CRP Biomass
Oklahoma State University Oklahoma Gopal Kakani CRP Biomass
Montana State University Montana Chen Chengci CRP Biomass
USDA Iowa Doug Karlen Corn Stover
USDA Nebraska Gary Varvel Corn Stover
USDA South Dakota Shannon Osborne Corn Stover
University of Tennessee Tennessee Tim Rials Hybrid Poplar
State University of New York College of Environmental Science and Forestry New York Timothy Volk Shrub Willow
University of Arizona Arizona Michael Ottman Wheat
University of Georgia Georgia Robert Pippin Wheat
University of Idaho Idaho Brad Brown Wheat
University of Minnesota Minnesota Jane Johnson Wheat
University of Minnesota Minnesota Jochum Wiersma Wheat
University of North Dakota North Dakota Joel Ranson Wheat
University of Oklahoma Oklahoma Jeff Edwards Wheat
University of Oregon Oregon Flowers Wheat
Texas A&M University Texas Brent Bean Wheat


Affiliation State Contact Email Crop Type
Alma Sugar Plantation Louisiana David Stewart Sugarcane Bagasse
American Wood Fibre Alabama Pat Adams Tulip Poplar / Long Leaf Pine
Baker Timber Products South Dakota Bill Ponderosa Pine
Biewer Saw Mill Michigan Shanon Kita Red Pine
Cooper Marine & Timberlands Alabama Ken Lindley Southern Yellow Pine
Corley Land Services Alabama Frank Corley Loblolly Pine
Forest Concepts Washington Christopher Lanning Hybrid Poplar
Forest Concepts Washington Jim Dooley Hard Wood Mix
FTX Consulting South Carolina Jon Puckett Loblolly Pine
Greenwood Resources Oregon Bruce Summers Hybrid Poplar
Patterson Chip Co. Kentucky Rex Patterson

Southern Yellow Pine, Tulip Poplar

Repreve Renewables Georgia Jeff P. Klingenberg Miscanthus
Tricon Lumber Montana Taunya Erickson Lodge Pole Pine
USDA NRS Institute for Ecosystem Studies Wisconsin Adam Wiese Hybrid Poplar
Verdante Bioenergy Services North Carolina David Waechter Loblolly Pine
Western Alliance Idaho Tina Wilson Pinion Juniper
Yellowstone Log Homes Idaho Brett Youngstrom Multiple Pine / Spruce / Fir

Other Government Partners:

Organization State Contact Email
NREL Colorado Dan Carpenter
NREL Colorado Ed Wolfram
NREL Colorado Nick Nagle
NREL Colorado Erik Kuhn
NREL Colorado Courtney Payne
PNNL Washington Dan Howe
PNNL Washington Doug Elliot
LBNL California Blake Simmons
LBNL California Ning Sun
LBNL California Feng Xu

Industrial Collaborators:

Industry State
Applied Chemical Technology Alabama
AT&F Advanced Metals Ohio
Bliss Industries Oklahoma
Cedar Falls Utilities Iowa
Ciris Energy Colorado
Cool Planet Colorado
Farmatic Inc. California
Franklin Miller Inc. New Jersey
Freedom Pines Georgia
General Atomics California
Georgia Tech Georgia
Hawaii State Department of Agriculture Hawaii
Hazen Labs Colorado
Hyrax Energy Inc. California
Industrial Furnace New York
Jenike Johanson California
Jenike Johanson Massachusetts
Mesa Bio Energy New York
Michigan State University Michigan
Mississippi State University Mississippi
Morrisville State College (SUNY) New York
Natural Resources Research Institute Minnesota
North Carolina State University North Carolina
Research Triangle Institute North Carolina
Rethceif Packaging Indiana
Rotex Global Ohio
RTI International North Carolina
SABIA California
Thermochem Recovery International Maryland
U of Utah Industrial Combustion and Gasification Research Facility Utah
University of Nevada Nevada
University of Maine Maine
University of Minnesota Minnesota
University of Washington Washington
University of Utah Utah
Vortex Processing Inc. Texas
WEIMA America South Carolina
Western Research Institute Wyoming
Wisconsin Oven Corp Wisconsin
Worcester Polytechnic Institute Massachusetts
Xyleco Inc. Massachusetts

International Collaborators:

Affiliation Location
Aston University  United Kingdom
CBS Netherlands
DSM Netherlands
ECN Netherlands
ENSYN Canada
ETC Sweden
Fraunhofer UMSICHT Germany
Future Blends United Kingdom
KIT Germany
KTH Sweden
Leeds University United Kingdom
Swedish University of Agricultural Sciences Sweden
TI Germany
UBC Chemical & Biological Engineering Canada
University of Groningen Netherlands
VTT  Finland